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Static-A brand, product and Market Research is your most authentic and reliable market research partner for both qualitative and quantitative and beyond them Projects.

Globally and particularly in Asia, companies trusts the authentic market research conduct by Static-A research teams for their most important business decisions – what change require in organization- where to invest in the future. There’s a reason why more than 150 companies of all sizes worldwide are using Static-A market research services, it’s because we deliver authentic and reliable market insights, using most latest technological tools, devices, applications and hardcore research validation process’s that will help them grow.

Qualitative Research
Quantitative & Statistical Research
Competition Insights
Brand Census
Focus Groups
Panel Research
Opinion Polls
Ethnographic Studies (In-depth Observations)
Door to Door Household Surveys
Mall Intercept Feedbacks
Institutional Feedbacks
Retailers Interviews
Dealership & Distributors Surveys
Brand Awareness & Health Tracking
Tele-Surveys, Mall & Market Intercepts Interviews
Business Research
Competition Business Channel Performance Research
Market Share & Consumptions Research
Political Polls/CSS/ Quality & Packaging Research/
Professional and Expert Opinion Interviews (Direct, Video, Tele-voice)
Customer Satisfaction Research
Competition Market Share & VM Analysis
Brand Value Proposition Analysis
Price Research & Analysis
Brand Advertising Health Tracking’s
Product Concept Test: Senses Sentiments
Packaging Test
Customer Persona Research
Customer behavior Surveys
Controlled Taste Audits
Customer Segmentation
Trade Scans
Sampling Feedbacks
Product Demand Research
Medical Researches with Life style tracking studies
Brand Tracking Surveys (Over Period of Time)
Awareness, Consumption/purchases Behavior Research
Sampling and Feedback Test (On-Site – At Home Interviews)
Door to Door Interviews – Trends and Behaviors
Outdoor Media Tracking & its ROI-Impact

Why Static-A for your Brand and Market Research Services:-

On the research side, our clients choose us over larger organizations for a number of reasons.  Our flexibility in accommodating our clients with white-glove service is what sets us apart.  Our staff and strategic partners are seasoned researchers who have worked together for years and decades.

Static-A offers an array of research services to extend your team, supplement capacity restraints and deliver exceptional service to your organization meeting its development and improvement or change management initiatives

We welcomes the opportunity to solve your research needs and deliver exceptional Service and Quality Data!

Our market research database provides market context, competitor insight and future trends analysis to help you make clear, confident decisions.

Each year Static-A publishes more than 10,000 reports on 50+ industries, 200 sub-categories and thousands of companies in 30+ markets and countries. Our research consulting team answers your commercial questions with data and insights generated by our industry specialist teams and expert analysis analysts on the ground in developed, emerging and frontier markets.

Our Market, Brand, business and Market Research services are influencing the business landscape. Static-A is an ideal resource for your research requirements now and forever!

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