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Why You Must Create Total Customer Experience At Your Brand’s Outlets?

Why You Must create Total Customer Experience at your Brand’s Outlets?

Total Customer Experience is used to describe the relationship Your customer has with your business. It is made up of all of the interaction the Customer has had with your business, from the time the customer first made contact with your Brand up to the present day. .

Why You Must create Total Customer Experience at your Outlets?

Total Customer Experience sums up your customers’ loyalty and future relationship of your brand and retail outlets. If they are happy, they will tell their friends, and buy again. If they are unhappy, they will also tell their friends, and you are likely to not receive future business from them or their friends.

Why Customer Experience is important For Your Brand?

  • Higher customer referral rates and customer satisfaction were reported by a study of 860 corporate executives who increased their investment in customer experience (Strativity Group, 2009)
  • It eases Customer acquisition, drives Customer Loyalty and improves Customer Retention (Beyond Philosophy, 2013).
  • Increases Customer satisfaction. When a customer is WOW’d by the experience and has their expectations exceeded, it increases customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces Customer churn. People want to buy from places that make them feel good. Creating an experience that is memorable and enjoyable for the customer will help to keep them coming back for more and not churning away.
  • Create a Competitive advantage and Differentiation. No longer can you compete on price, customers want more, and they want emotional connections with the companies they deal with. Create that experience that keeps them coming back for more. This will create a point of differentiation that you can use as a competitive advantage.

Remember: Loved customers are Loyal customers!

The Brands that are True to their ideas of Good Service as the new Battleground and are Successful in building that Emotional Connection, are the Brands who enjoy the Cult-like Followers that we all Try to Achieve!

Some More Customer Experience Research Facts:

  • 70% of consumers stopped buying goods or services from a company after experiencing Poor Customer Service traits
  • 64% of consumers switch to a company’s competitors after having Poor customer Experience

These sobering statistics show that customers’ perceptions have a profound impact on every organization’s brand equity, customer loyalty and revenue.

Here’s how you can help successfully define, implement and manage your brand’s Customer Experience to deliver on its promises:

  • Come to terms with what your brand really stands for
  • Determine how your brand is (or isn’t) reflected in your customer experience
  • Help employees discover the role they play
  • Align your marketing with your actual c

Building your customer’s journey map will help you to better understand your customers and identify gaps or shortfalls between their Expectations and Reality. Highlight the main points of Interaction and find out how your customers feel while interacting with your sales staff, browsing your website or making Orders at shops. This will help to improve customer experience throughout the whole journey, making it fascinating and Memorable.

Feelings are important

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated. Positive and consistent customer experience requires not only trained customer service team but also a human touch. Just a simple smile or “thank you” note will change the tone of your conversation. Such “little things” make the customer experience more positive and form a community of your loyal customers and brand followers.

Listen to your customers

Every day we hear how important it is to listen to our customers but do we really do so? Being a customer advocate requires not only customer-centric company policy but also such skills as an ability to listen and empathize. Listen to your customers, use their suggestions to form your customer service strategy and encourage them to share their ideas.

These easy tips will help you to deliver a flawless experience to your Customers, make their interactions with your brand, memorable and pleasant:

  • Make monthly meeting & strategies to meet your Customers’ Expectations
  • Encourage your customers to share Feedback
  • Measure your sales & customer service team’s performance (Mystery Audits at Shops)
  • Listen to your customers (Run VOC Program)
  • Offer personalized Customer Service
  • use Innovative Technologies (Ecommerce, Web & Blogs)
  • make your Website and Online store user friendly
  • Let your Customers easily reach you!
  • Ask your Customers’ opinions on their last Experiences
  • Then plan to Exceed Customers’ Expectations

When you put yourself into your retail customers’ and website visitors’ shoes and follow these steps you will notice an immediate effect.

If you have worked on these subjects, we would be glad to hear about your Brand’s strategy for improving the overall Customer Experience.

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